Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen

Our 2022 Highlights and Impact Report outlines the impact and key milestones achieved by our climate finance tracking program in 2022 and beyond. It also highlights our contribution in advancing data-driven analysis, influencing climate finance policy, and amplifying knowledge.

Highlights include:

  • In 2022, we published 23 climate finance tracking knowledge products across six sectors and in more than seven countries and regions leading to a 3x increase in projects compared to 2019.
  • We brought together data from 20+ public and private sources and applied robust methodology rigor for data standardization and analysis.
  • 70+ organizations including high-level policy makers, research organizations, and top-tier media outlets cited CPI’s landscape reports.
  • We worked directly alongside public and private financial institutions, coalitions, governments, and climate champions to enable investments where they are needed most.

Read the full report here


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