RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), a global analysis and advisory organization that supports nations’ efforts towards green and low-carbon growth, today launched its center in Rio de Janeiro, affiliated with Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).  CPI Rio will examine low-carbon growth policies and programs in Brazil in areas such as forestry and agriculture, finance, and cap and trade systems.

The center is directed by Juliano Assunção, a professor at PUC-Rio and a consultant to the Brazilian Ministry of Finance and the World Bank, who has worked with governments, industry, and multilateral organizations on economic development issues.

“Climate Policy Initiative is thrilled to partner with PUC-Rio to provide valuable insights that policymakers seek,” said Thomas C. Heller, Executive Director of Climate Policy Initiative.   “We hope to analyze current policy and share our learnings with Brazilian policymakers and others around the world.  As an active player in forestry and agriculture and other climate-related policy activities, and as a nation grappling with the twin goals of growth and sustainability, Brazil is a very valuable contributor to this discussion.”

To mark its launch, CPI Rio is hosting a climate policy seminar today. Speakers include: Eduardo Assad, Brazil’s Secretary for Climate Change at the Ministry of Environment; Suzana Kahn Riberio, Under Secretary of Green Economy at the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat of Environment; Armínio Fraga, Founding Member of Gávea Investimentos Ltda. and Chairman of the Board at BM&FBovespa; Sergio Weguelin from the Brazlian Development Bank, BNDES; Leif Ervik, Director General at Norway’s Ministry of Finance; Thomas Heller, Executive Director of CPI; Barbara Buchner, Director of CPI Venice and former senior analyst at International Energy Agency (IEA); and Kath Rowley, Director of CPI San Francisco and former Australian policy and regulatory agency official.


Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is a global policy effectiveness analysis and advisory organization.  Its mission is to assess, diagnose, and support nations’ efforts to achieve low-carbon growth.  An independent, not-for-profit organization with long-term support from George Soros, CPI’s headquarters are in San Francisco and regional offices are in Berlin, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, and Venice.


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