San Francisco, 20 September 2021 – Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is pleased to announce the opening of its first Washington D.C. office, effective 13 September 2021.

“Because CPI’s work focuses on policy and economics in emerging and developing economies, a Washington D.C. location allows us to deepen our partnerships with similarly aligned international financial institutions, other non-profit organizations, and federal government agencies,” stated CPI’s Global Managing Director, Barbara Buchner. “And with climate becoming an increasingly important domestic agenda item for the U.S., we are seeing an uptick in CPI’s U.S.-focused work, so that adds to the utility of having a Washington D.C. presence.”

CPI is an analysis and advisory organization that leverages its expertise in finance and policy to help governments, businesses, and financial institutions drive economic growth while addressing climate change. “We were increasingly finding top professionals joining CPI who were located in the D.C. Metro Area,” said Bella Tonkonogy, who leads CPI’s U.S. team and is now located in its D.C. office. “This move was not aspirational – we are opening our Washington D.C. office with nine current CPI employees.”

CPI currently has over 100 employees across six offices in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and the United States. More than half the team is located in emerging economies, more than 90% hold advanced degrees, and more than 50% are women including on the senior leadership team.

CPI’s headquarters are in San Francisco; the office there recently moved to a new location. “We continue to reduce our carbon footprint,” stated Kaye Bettney, CPI’s HR & Operations Manager. “Both U.S. offices are now in LEED-certified colocation spaces accessible to public transit. This has allowed us a more efficient approach to our physical footprint, while also providing significantly more flexibility for our U.S. employees who nearly unanimously prefer a hybrid approach to working.”

The new CPI locations are:

San Francisco (HQ)
575 Market St, Ste 514
San Francisco, CA 94105-2854

Washington, D.C.
1301 K St NW, Suite 300W
Washington, DC 20005-7043

CPI will maintain strict COVID protocols as it reopens its U.S. locations, including vaccine and mask mandates for all employees working in CPI offices.


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