Natalie Hoover El Rashidy is the Program Director of CPI/PUC-Rio. She manages the programmatic portfolio and provides strategic guidance in research development, tracking and monitoring project impacts, and providing financial and operational oversight for CPI/PUC-Rio and its partners. 

She received the Cram-Dalton International Women’s Rights scholarship and holds a Master’s in Public Policy with a specialization in Economic Development from the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs,University of Minnesota. 

Prior to joining CPI/PUC-Rio, Natalie co-founded Scite Advisors LLC, a consulting firm focused on joining higher education and philanthropy in innovative partnerships to support large-scale research initiatives, and directed a multi-institutional research initiative on financial systems and poverty at the University of Chicago. Natalie has worked across diverse fields to launch entrepreneurial social and academic programs in Egypt, the US, Thailand and Brazil.  


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