Camila Calado Lima is a Senior Communications Associate at CPI Brazil, working on external communications, strengthening the brand’s reputation, improving the relationship with the press, organizing events and editing diferent kinds of content related to CPI projects.

She has more than ten years of experience in the field of communications, working in diferent areas, including teaching, researching, editing and content writing (advertising, journalist and scientific writing), strategic planning, brand reputation, event planning and team coordination. She has a Master’s degree and a PhD in Communication and Culture at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and she is a post-doctoral researcher in Philosophy at PUC-Rio.

She has been working with environmental causes since 2012, focusing specially in agriculture, sustainable development and contemporary ruralities. During this period, she has conducted an ethnographic research in rural locations in Piauí, she has published scientific articles, she has produced documentaries, she has lectured and she has coordinated communication strategies in agroecological practices, contributing to the establishment of the municipal agroecology policy in Teresina-Piauí, to the growth of agroecological produce commerce, to rural families’ income generation, to women’s empowerment enhancement and to women farmers’ protagonism improvement.


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