The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) proudly announces a significant expansion in its membership. Over 100 distinguished public and private organizations are now joining forces to accelerate climate finance innovation and drive private investments in emerging markets.

    The Lab’s membership has skyrocketed nearly fourfold in 10 years, from 29 organizations at the inaugural Lab meeting in 2014 to 110 global and regional members today. Over the years, the Lab has seen a steady rise in private sector participation, with private members now making up 55% of the total, compared to 41% in 2014.


    This growth follows the Lab’s successful launch of regional programs in the Philippines and Latin America and the Caribbean. New regional panel members from these areas join a growing network of experts across existing programs in BrazilEast and Southern Africa, and India. Additionally, the Lab welcomes new global members, strengthening its ability to identify and develop transformative financial instruments.

    “We need to see bold ideas come forward and support the teams who pursue them. As a new global member, we are very happy to have supported the selection process of the Lab’s 10th cohort and to contribute to developing these outstanding teams and endeavors. The collaborative spirit among members points to a powerful force for tackling climate challenges,” said Elvira Lefting, Managing Director at Finance in Motion.

    A substantial portion of the Lab’s portfolio mobilization figures, which now exceed USD 4 billion, is a result of direct investments from its diverse membership and broader network. The Lab continues to unlock new opportunities through collaborative efforts and scale up impactful climate finance initiatives globally.


    “The Lab’s membership is the core driver of the Lab’s success. Our member institutions bring a wealth of expertise, dedicated support, and financial capital to the table, amplifying the Lab’s capacity to catalyze sustainable investments in emerging markets,” said Ben Broché, Climate Policy Initiative’s Associate Director, who leads the Lab’s efforts.

    About the Lab

    The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance identifies, develops, and launches innovative finance instruments that can drive billions in private investment to action on climate change and sustainable development. Bloomberg Philanthropies, the United Nations Development Programme, and the governments of Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States fund the Lab’s 2024 programs. Climate Policy Initiative serves as the Secretariat and analytical provider.

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    Communications Manager

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