Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is pleased to announce it has joined OS-Climate, an Open Source collaboration community whose goal is to aggregate the best available data, modeling, and computing and data science in order to accelerate the global financial system’s transition to more sustainable investing and economies.

CPI, a leading provider of climate finance tracking and analysis, has produced the Global Landscape of Climate Finance for more than a decade. Through this work, CPI is keenly aware of the data limitations that prevent more accurate and efficient analyses of the current state of climate finance and the investment needs, by geography and sector, to reach global net zero and sustainable development goals.

“Joining the OS-Climate open-source platform and community will enable CPI to leverage a growing body of resources that will expand the breadth and depth of climate finance data available, as well as the speed and accuracy in which that data is analyzed,” said Donovan Escalante, CPI’s Senior Manager for Data Science & Analytics. “Active participation in OS-Climate is a key element of CPI’s efforts to significantly ramp up data strategies that help generate new insights around climate finance and sustainable investing, and increase the efficiency of our data-driven analyses.”

Clear data on climate finance flows at global, national, and sectoral levels is critical to maintaining the momentum of the Paris Agreement. Otherwise, it is difficult to identify gaps and entry points to scale finance, measure progress, craft effective policies, and optimize the deployment of public and private resources to make finance consistent with climate goals.

“We are honored and excited to welcome CPI to the OS-Climate community,” said Truman Semans, CEO of OS-Climate, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation and now counts more than 20 leading financial institutions, technology companies, civil society organizations, and numerous other public and private organizations as members.“CPI’s depth of experience in developing robust methodologies for climate finance analysis will be a significant contribution to the accuracy and credibility of the OS-Climate platform.”

Using the Community-Based Open-Source approach that has enabled breakthrough innovation in life sciences and tech, OS-Climate will leverage the Linux Foundation’s governance, licensing, and collaboration structures to efficiently coordinate climate data and tool development across a wide range of stakeholders. 


Climate Policy Initiative

Rob Kahn, Head of Communications

Donovan Escalante, Senior Manager of Data Science & Analytics


Heather Ackenhusen, Principal Technical Program Manager


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