Dr. Barbara Buchner will be speaking at several official events and side events during the Global Green Growth Week.

  • September 6 11am: IRENA Unlocking Renewable Energy Investment: the Role of Risk Mitigation and Structured Finance
  • September 6 4pm: Asia Pacific Carbon Forum, “Bringing Business on Board”
  • September 7 9am:  AfDB Side Event ‘Africa’s New Deal on Energy and implications of the COP 21 Agreement
  • September 7  11:30am: Global Green Growth Week: “Promoting off grid energy systems,” Session D3
  • September 7 2pm: Asian Regional Policy Dialogue “Renewable Energy Landscape in South East Asia” panel, session 2
  • September 8 4pm: Financing Green Energy– Emerging trends in the supply of finance to Green energy projects, SE4All panel

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