Africa is under extreme threat from climate change despite producing only 3-4% of the planet’s emissions. Trillions of dollars are needed to fund mitigation and adaptation measures, far beyond the current capacity of governments. This, however, also presents a major economic opportunity if only the funds can be found. 

How can this funding gap be filled? How can sources of private finance be mobilized? 

Before we can begin to answer these questions we need credible, independent and accurate information about the funding that is currently available to Africa; where it is coming from and what it is being used for. This data is crucial to set the context for negotiations at COP27 and for our ability to measure global progress on climate finance.

To address this fundamental need, FSD Africa, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), and Children Investment Fund Foundation have partnered on a first-of-its-kind research project to map climate finance flows in Africa; by region, by sector, and by source. Find out what the landscape of climate finance in Africa really looks like at our exclusive, preview event on the 8th of September at 19:00 EET on the sidelines of the Egypt – International Cooperation Forum and Meeting of African Ministers of Finance, Economy and Environment.

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