The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance will be hosting and presenting at several events at the World Urban Forum in June 2022. These will cover topics including, scaling urban climate finance in the context of a global energy crisis, utilizing financial aggregation to invest in urban climate action, increasing cooperation and collaboration to unlock finance for urban transformation, and other topics.

Overcoming climate finance barriers in cities through financial aggregation

Tuesday 28th of June 10:45 to 12:15 (CEST)


The session aims to elevate the discussion around aggregation as a financial alternative for cities to finance climate action at the local level. It seeks to build momentum around this relatively new and underutilized approach that can help smaller cities, especially in emerging economies, find new alternatives to finance the transition to low-carbon infrastructure.

The discussions will provide different perspectives on the steps needed to access finance through aggregation, from early-stage project preparation to final stage project financing.

The organizers will gather speakers from local governments, national development banks, project preparation facilities, and private sector developers to provide a complete overview of the key issues and solutions for aggregating projects, both from a supply and from a demand perspective. Participants will leave the event with a clear understanding of how to tap on the incentives of financial aggregation, and better equipped to explore how this approach could be used in their respective contexts.

2022 Annual Assembly of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance

Tuesday 28 June 16:00 – 19:00 (CEST) 


The war in Ukraine has shaken the markets and geopolitics of energy, driving oil and gas prices to their highest levels in nearly a decade and forcing many countries to reconsider their energy supplies, exacerbating tensions between energy security and progress on the climate emergency. Concurrently, soaring food costs and inflation –driven by war, climate-linked disasters, and the ongoing pandemic – have amplified inflation cost of living increases in many countries. These crises have upended the agenda of global forums such as the G7 and side-lined climate finance.

With that context, the Annual Assembly of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance will focus its first in-person meeting in two years to reflect on what this macroeconomic scenario means for the urban climate finance agenda. It will address critical questions, including: How will current events influence the work on project preparation, finance and the enabling environment towards increasing urban climate finance at scale? How can cities communicate the need for climate investments to address ongoing and future crises? And, how can the Alliance best support cities’ access to finance for climate priorities in this environment?

Joining forces to unlock finance for green transformation

Wednesday 29th of June 16:30 to 17:45 (CEST)


The Alliance, in partnership with GIZ, will co-host this event within the German Pavilion. Urban infrastructure is key to reducing emissions as cities are responsible for more than 70% of global GHG emissions. At the same time, they are among the worst affected by impacts of a climate crisis. Yet, cities face enormous difficulties in accessing finance and meeting the standards necessary to achieve a sustainable low-carbon development pathway.

The Leadership for Urban Climate Investment (LUCI) framework elevates and tracks commitments made by the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance member initiatives, helping them to identify synergies and implement bold targets by 2025. The main aim of this session is to demonstrate inspiring concrete links between initiatives, donors and cities to respond to the following questions:

  1. How can -and do- project preparation facilities already help to find the necessary resources for cities to realise climate-resilient projects?
  2. Focus: How can these key actors join forces and increase cooperation to unlock finance for urban transformation under LUCI?

To this end, it will bring together 5 LUCI facilities: FELICITYC40 Cities Finance FacilityCity Climate Finance Gap Fund, ICLEI Transformative Actions Program (TAP) and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). 

They will share their experience on project preparation challenges and opportunities, connect with others and drive forward the urban climate finance agenda. Supporting cities across all stages of project preparation will accelerate their progress towards sustainable low-carbon development and climate resilience.

Livestream the event

Driving urban transformation through enabling low-carbon infrastructure investments: from policy level to local action–what are key drivers for success?

Thursday 30 June 14:00 – 15:30 (CEST) 


This event aims to share lessons learned and how the potential for climate action in cities worldwide can be leveraged by IFIs in close cooperation with member state organisations and partners on the ground. It will feature the best practice examples from policy level work as well as from financial and technical cooperation as inspiration for future cooperation, scale up and outreach. It will demonstrate the potential of inter-institutional cooperation in the spirit of Team Europe: achieving enhanced leverage in terms of urban climate action and finance as well as joint learning for a stronger impact based on financial and technical cooperation.

Priscilla Negreiros, Manager of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, will participate in this event hosted by the University of Glasgow.

UrbanShift: Accelerating the Shift to Nature-Positive and Climate-Proof Urban Futures

Wednesday 29 June 14:30-16:00 CEST

This session will showcase ongoing efforts to uptake approaches to urban development aligned with the need to take urgent climate action by UrbanShift cities and countries. It will highlight their leadership and ambition in building equitable, zero-carbon futures where both people and planet can thrive. The event will enable exchanges on best practices among cities and between local and national governments, across regions

Priscilla Negreiros, Manager of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, will participate in this event.

Sustainable Construction in Cities – Turning the world’s building sector

Wednesday June 29, 12.30 – 14.00 (CEST)


We need to acknowledge that a global turnaround for the buildings and construction sector is as important and necessary as never before. How we shape the built environment first and foremost in our cities and metropolitan areas is key to reach global climate and social development goals. How can we shape and thereby achieve the transformation in the construction sector? How can we prominently place this topic in the public discussion of climate protection? How can we help cities to finance this turnaround? This event will display and discuss the relevance, challenges and potentials of climate protection in transforming the urban buildings and construction sector with the German Development Cooperation (GDC) and partners from ministries, UN networks and urban think tanks from the Global South as well as Germany.

Priscilla Negreiros, Manager of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, will moderate this event. Learn more here.

Financing Urban Climate Adaptation 

Tuesday June 28, 12.30 – 14.00 (CEST)

Priscilla Negreiros, Manager of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, will moderate this event.


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