This webinar from Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) shares recommendations on the effective delivery of public finance from policymakers and development finance institutions to enable fast and cost-effective deployment of geothermal in developing countries. It draws lessons from case studies of geothermal projects with different public, private and mixed development models in Turkey, Kenya and Indonesia.

Geothermal energy has the potential to provide significant amounts of low-carbon, low-cost electricity in many developing countries and is the cheapest, reliable source of power available in some. However, it is not reaching its potential. This webinar explores the barriers to its deployment and ways of addressing them.

Zhihong Zhang, Senior Program Coordinator at the Climate Investment Funds, introduced the webinar and talked about CIF’s work in this area. CPI’s Valerio Micale and Padraig Oliver then gave a 20-minute presentation of the analysis. A question and answer session with participants followed.

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