Guntur Sutiyono, a CPI Indonesia Analyst, presented on ‘Improving Land Productivity through Fiscal Policy’ at the TFA 2020 General Assembly, held in Jakarta, on the 11th of March 2016. The topic is part of series of studies which aim to present a greater picture on how current fiscal policy—particularly state revenue and central-to-regional transfer policies—related to land use activities. This series embarked from Indonesia’s ambitious goal in increasing revenue while keeping the emission reduction target in hand.

More than 80 partners of TFA 2020—consisting of government, business, civil society, international organizations and communities—attended this meeting. At this two day meeting, partners had the opportunity to discuss the strategic activities of the TFA 2020, and share knowledge and insights on crucial topics related to the mission and vision of the TFA 2020.

During the sharing opportunity, CPI emphasized that there is more that could be done on Indonesia’s fiscal policy framework to influence and improve land use practices, while meeting the revenue and emission reduction goals simultaneously.


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