Karsten Neuhoff, Director, CPI Berlin

This seminar, jointly organised by IDDRI and Bruegel on policy instruments, intended to incentivise long-term investments in decarbonising the energy sector. Presentations by Michel Colombier, Karsten Neuhoff, and Georg Zachmann on EU policy mixes for the long-term transition were followed by a response from Philip Lowe and a panel discussion chaired by Laurence Tubiana.

The 2008 Climate and Energy Package took important steps towards a low-carbon economy in Europe. Since then, the policy focus has broadened to the long-term 2050 perspective, in which it is clear that Europe must achieve a fundamental transformation of its energy system. Current policy instruments therefore need to place Europe on a feasible long-term pathway. The role of the policy mix in the long-term has entered the European debate with the Energy Roadmap of the European Commission.

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