Women constitute around half of the total world population. Not all live a healthy and comfortable life of equal opportunities.

In many remote areas across the globe, women have to face unprecedented hardships and are exposed to grave health hazards due to limited or no access to clean energy.  Dependence on conventional fuels for cooking and other daily routine work puts them at constant health, security and growth risk. Not only this, sustained health issues diminish women’s ability to engage in economically productive activities thus impacting the overall socio-economic condition of communities. The lack of clean energy technologies not only has an adverse impact on health and socio economic scenario, it also contributes significantly to climate change.

In this context, adoption of renewable energy as a primary source of energy can prove to be a game changer. Solar energy comes as a clear champion amongst all renewable energy sources due to its decentralized nature and affordability. Through this webinar, the International Solar Alliance (ISA) aims to highlight the role solar energy can play in bringing positive change in the lives of women, inspiring change and encouraging investment in gender-responsive projects across the globe.


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