Investments in sustainable urban infrastructure made today will play a key role in limiting the impact of climate change, and in the creation of liveable and sustainable cities. Designing and financing well planned urbanization is an investment in our present and future that enables progress towards achieving the SDGs. In the UNECE region, the urban population is increasing, and many cities are expanding rapidly. Many cities have been unable to develop the required supporting infrastructure to keep pace with sustainable, climate resilient urban growth. As a result, the potential for urbanisation to unlock further economic development, social progress and sustainability for cities is partially lost.

Priscilla Negreiros, Manager of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, will participate in a panel discussion at this side event for the Forum of Mayors to discuss:

  • How can cities ensure sustainable municipal financing to effectively respond to the immediate and long-term socio-economic and environmental needs of their local communities?
  • What practical steps can cities take to scale-up in the preparation of inclusive urban infrastructure
  • What has been the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural and anthropogenic disasters on the infrastructure financing gap?

Other speakers include:

  • Tommaso Bassetti, UNECE, Urban Policy and Project Preparation Consultant (moderator)
  • Piero Pelizzaro, City of Milan, Chief Resilience Officer
  • Zhassulan Kenzhegaliyev, Executive Director, Astana Innovations, Nur Sultan City Government
  • Katja Schäefer Inter-Regional Advisor and UNITAC Lab Manager, UN-Habitat
  • Raúl García-Rodríguez, Director, Risk Advisory Department, Deloitte

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