We are in the midst of a process of unprecedented climate change, which is already wrecking severe damage to the livelihoods of billions around the globe. Greenhouse gas emissions around the globe should be reduced as fast as possible and reach net-zero in the second half of the 21st century. To ensure that the world’s climate goals are met, effective policies must be implemented. The golden prescription of economists is to price carbon uniformly across the globe and compensate any losers, but the reality of implementing climate policies is fraught by pragmatic and political obstacles which differ from country to country.

The aim of this eBook is therefore to offer contributions to each of the featured nations’ debates over the climate-change policies to fast track. Which policies will have the fastest and/or largest cumulative impact? Which ones are the most technically or financially feasible? Which are least likely to hit prohibitive political-economy obstacles to their implementation? Which ones are cheapest in abating emissions?

The chapter on Brazil is signed by Juliano Assunção and Clarissa Gandour.


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