The global online series, Building Back Better: Green, Healthy and Inclusive Cities, is hosted by GPSC and brings together the perspectives of cities, multilateral development banks, UN agencies, knowledge partners, private sector and think tanks. Through a series of reports, the Invest4Climate platform, co-managed by the World Bank Group and UNDP, looks at key climate sectors and reviews progress and lessons: what are barriers in scaling-up private investment and what are innovative financing approaches and case studies that can be learned from to de-risk projects, recycle lender capital, scale private investment in urban infrastructure and mobilize investment from institutional investors.

CPI Global Managing Director Dr. Barbara Buchner will participate in the event, Catalyzing Private Investment in Climate Smart Cities, which will present the joint UNDP and World Bank Invest4Climate report that offers a framework for understanding urban climate investment opportunities and barriers and features ten case studies of innovative financing approaches to overcome these barriers, including natural capital insurance products for urban coastal resilience in Mexico, green bulk procurement of E-buses in Chile, and bonds that incentivize investment in green technologies that reduce emissions and air pollution. 

See the full agenda here


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