CPI Associate Director Dr. Angela Falconer will attend the FT Climate Finance Summit in London on October 9th, 2018. The Summit will feature keynotes, panels, and round table discussions on emerging market investments, challenges for institutional investors, and the potential of blended finance in climate related investments.

Angela will participate on the panel discussion, “Climate change adaptation: Meeting and keeping up with ever increasing risk of climate change.” 

This panel will address the following questions on adapting to the increasing risks associated with climate change:

  • In the absence of a clear definition, what is meant by climate adaption?
  • What does adaptation funding mean in practice?
  • Who are the key players at regional/national/international levels providing funding?
  • How to address the adaptation in the private sector: focus on climate resilience.
  • From earth-moving equipment to flood-mapping software, what are the commercial opportunities in adaptation?

The panel will be moderated by Leslie Hook, Environment and Clean Energy Correspondent at Financial Times.

When: Thursday, October 9th; 12:00pm
Where: Grange Tower Bridge, 45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP


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