Agenda and Presentations

At the workshop, academics, policy makers and industry actors discuss whether and how improvement of the European power market design can facilitate connection of more intermittent renewable generation sources to the network, reduce costs for system services and need for network expansion, increase flexibility to deal with delays to individual transmission projects and enhance system security.

Balancing Markets session
Congestion Market session
Institutional Questions session
  • Chair: Christian von Hirschhausen, Technical University Berlin and DIW Berlin
  • Janusz Bialek, University of Durham, Information Sharing and System Security

  • Andrew Ott, PJM, Technical Feasibility
 Cambridge University, The Political Economy of Rent Allocation

  • Yves Smeers, Université Catholique de Louvain
Jose Arceluz Ogando, Iberdrola

  • Peter van der Burg, Transpower Stromübertragungs GmbH
Nicholas Fedorkiw, Mainstream Renewable Power
Alexander Weber, EnBW TSO
  • Panel: The Politics and Economics of European Power Market Design Changes

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