The CPI Berlin launch event, a two-day international conference, was held in Berlin November 11th and 12th. Just weeks before the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the opening event for the center was dedicated to the role that subsidies play in promoting or hindering climate protection.

Agenda and Presentations

The Road to Copenhagen
  • Welcome and Introduction to Climate Policy Initiative
  • Alexander Fisher, DIW Berlin – German Institute of Economic Research
  • Karsten Neuhoff and Thomas Heller, Climate Policy Initiative
The Different Dimensions of International Cooperation on Climate Policy
  • Chair: Barbara Buchner, International Energy Agency
  • Bert Metz, European Climate Foundation, Creating a Successful Outcome in Copenhagen
  • Michel Colombier, Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales
Panel Discussion — The State of Play, One Month before Copenhagen
  • Chair: Jules Kortenhorst, European Climate Foundation
  • Claudia Kemfert, DIW Berlin – German Institute for Economic Research
  • Eric Beinhocker, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Felix Matthes, Öko Institute for Applied Ecology
  • Nicole Wilke, German Environmental Ministry
  • Michael Grubb, University of Cambridge
The Economics, Politics and Future of Subsidies
  • Opening – Overview of CPI and the Workshop Agenda
  • Thomas Heller and Karsten Neuhoff, Climate Policy Initiative
Defining What Constitutes a Subsidy and Prior Efforts to Do So
Evaluating the Negative Impacts of Subsidies
The Role of Subsidies to Facilitate Transitions to Low Carbon Technologies
Panel: Case study – Concentrated Solar Power
Panel: Case study – CCS in the EU and US
The Political Economy of Subsidies

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