Randy Rakhmadi, CPI Indonesia Analyst, participated in the ACEF 2016 by presenting on the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. The event was held in Manila, Philippines, on the 9th of June 2016. The Lab is one of the main features of CPI Climate Finance’s program which aims at convening public and private stakeholders to design and implement innovative financial instruments. The Lab identifies, designs, and pilots the next generation of climate finance instruments, with a particular focus in developing countries. More information about the Lab can be found here.

The Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) serves as a platform for sharing best practices in policy, technology, and finance to meet the region’s climate and energy security challenges. ACEF continues to promote knowledge exchange through targeted and in-depth discussions about clean energy, targeting diverse group of experts, including stakeholders from governments, national and multinational banks, carbon and clean energy investment funds, project developers and service providers, environmental regulators, academia, civil society, and development partners and other international organizations.


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