As part of our mission to deliver robust climate finance and policy insights to governments, businesses, and financial institutions, CPI is continually evolving our use of data science tools. Leveraging cloud-based technologies, we drive impact by increasing climate data access, enhancing data processing and analysis through multi-language programming, and developing open-source tools and datasets for climate action.

Examples of CPI’s latest work in this space include:

  • Automated search and data extraction, including use of natural language processing, to track climate commitments made by financial institutions
  • Tracking and classifying projects that reduce methane emissions
  • Layering data visualization tools over satellite data to track deforestation monitoring efforts in the Amazon
  • Automation of data visualization to improve the speed at which data is made available publicly as well as enhancing its accessibility for policymakers, media, academia, and other key stakeholders  

If you would like to learn more about how CPI can apply our advanced data science capabilities to your climate project, please contact us:


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