Since 2010, CPI has supported decision makers from the public and private sectors to define and track how domestic and international climate finance is flowing from sources and actors, through a range of financial instruments, to recipients and end uses.

We have focused much of our work on the interaction between public and private actors to ensure public interventions effectively target, and eliminate the cost, risk, and knowledge gaps that impede private investors. Spent wisely, international and domestic public resources can drive private investment while reducing the burden on taxpayers, optimizing returns for public and private investors alike.

Many tracking gaps and challenges remain. By continuing to provide clearer, more comprehensive and more comparable data, CPI’s work will continue to help decision-makers optimize the use of their resources.


The data produced by CPI’s tracking work is referenced by donors and policymakers in the context of the UNFCCC negotiations and used in national development plans and strategies drawn up by governments and financial institutions. It forms the solid foundation on which ours and others analysis is built.

CPI’s reports were the first to provide a comprehensive picture of all climate finance data reported to or by other organizations including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. We highlighted opportunities to improve data collection and harmonize reporting could help build a more robust overview. Sound data enables decision makers to evaluate progress towards their goals.

The engagement of key stakeholders in compiling these reports, and particularly providers of international public finance, has informed efforts by multilateral development banksbilateral financial institutions and national development banks to close some of the major gaps we reported in our studies. Our tracking methodologies have also been applied and adapted by others to suit national circumstances.


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