Tiza Mafira is CPI’s Director, based in Indonesia, where she leads a team of analysts to deliver robust studies on climate finance effectiveness and innovations for policy-makers. With a background in environmental law, Tiza is a public policy expert specializing in land use and climate finance.

Tiza joined CPI in 2014, and played a large role in establishing the Indonesia office. Tiza has led work at CPI on improving land productivity through fiscal policy, a focus study on Indonesia’s Village Fund, as well as a study that maps, for the first time, the flow, supply chain, and efficiency of oil palm in East Kalimantan.  She is also part of a technical experts team facilitating Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Finance in establishing an Environmental Fund Public Services Agency.

Tiza is frequently invited to speak at major events, such as the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, Asia-Europe Environment Forum, and Asia-Europe Meeting SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC), among others.

She is also the Executive Director of the Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement, a community-based organization which advocates for policies and awareness to reduce single-use plastics. Her activism in this field earned her a mention by the UN Environment as one of five global Ocean Heroes in 2018.

Prior to joining CPI, Tiza worked as a corporate attorney in Jakarta specializing in natural resources and forestry law. She has also worked at the Office of the Special Staff of the President during President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s term as a speech writer and climate change policy handler. She holds a Master of Laws from Harvard Law School and a Bachelor of Laws from Universitas Indonesia, with studies focusing on environmental law and climate change.



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