Manuella Cantalice is an Analyst at Climate Policy Initiative, based in Rio de Janeiro, where she focuses on cutting-edge blended finance solutions to drive sustainable investing into climate change mitigation and adaptation in Brazil. Her expertise spans corporate sustainability strategy, climate finance, natural climate solutions, environmental impact analysis and implementation of national decarbonization plans. At CPI, she is dedicated to the Brazil program of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.

Manuella helps companies, governments and NGOs to become simultaneously more prosperous and more sustainable by identifying resource efficiency opportunities and embedding sustainable practice and a people-centered approach into policy, governance and finance. Manuella has held positions at the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, the Brazilian Mission to the United Nations, ENEL Green Power, and has also provided consultancy to ActionAid International, Ashden and USAID. She speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish and holds an MSc Development Management from the London School of Economics, awarded with a Chevening Scholarship by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and a BA in International Relations, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil.


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