UPDATE: The FAST-Infra Global Conference will take place on Wednesday 15th September, 1:PM-3.30PM UKT. Register here.

UPDATE: The deadline for submitting comments on the FAST-Infra Sustainable Infrastructure Label (SI Label Consultation) is now closed. Further details to be shared soon.

What is FAST-Infra?

FAST-Infra — the ‘Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition-Infrastructure’ initiative — aims to close the trillion dollar sustainable infrastructure investment gap, with urgency, by transforming sustainable infrastructure into a mainstream, liquid asset class.

FAST-Infra was conceived in early 2020 by Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), HSBC, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), OECD and the Global Infrastructure Facility under the auspices of President Macron’s One Planet Lab. Over 50 global entities, representing governments at all levels, the financial sector, investors, DFIs, insurers, rating agencies and NGOs are now actively participating in developing the FAST-Infra initiative.

Hear from supporters of the FAST-Infra initiative:

A message on the importance of FAST-Infra from Brune Poirson, France’s Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

FAST-Infra background

People need access to energy, transport, sanitation, hospitals and schools to thrive. Unfortunately, the way we have built much of this infrastructure over the last century has been extremely carbon intensive. Worse still, we will need to build much more of it in the coming decades, particularly in emerging and developing economies. Unless we quickly develop a new generation of sustainable infrastructure, it will be impossible to meet our national and global decarbonization goals.

Yet progress has been slow to close a sustainable infrastructure investment gap estimated to be in excess of $3 trillion a year over the next 10 years. The generation of bankable projects involving renewable power, green transport, sustainable water and waste, and green buildings is expanding but remains inadequate and sub-scale. Financing of infrastructure projects is limited and lacking sufficient investment from the private sector, which is crucial to bridging the investment gap. Institutional investors are keen to invest in sustainable infrastructure, which can offer stable, long-term returns. However, there is currently no way for them to verify which assets are genuinely sustainable.

The FAST-Infra solution

FAST-Infra proposes to establish a consistent, globally applicable labelling system for sustainable infrastructure assets. Alongside the labelling work, FAST-Infra is developing financial mechanisms to mobilize private investment at scale for the financing of labelled projects.

The labelling system will allow the market to easily signal the sustainability of the asset. Investors can trust that their money is going to projects that meet environmental, social, resiliency, and governance needs and contribute to the SDGs.

A sustainable infrastructure label will also ensure that governments and project developers embed high environmental, social, governance and resiliency standards into new infrastructure at the design and pre-construction phases, on the grounds that only assets incorporating such standards will obtain the label. The label will also attract private finance at the construction stage and new institutional investors at the post-construction phase.

FAST-Infra structure

FAST-Infra is comprised of an overarching group focused on the development of a sustainable infrastructure label, and four sub-groups focused on developing financial interventions that connect back to the sustainable infrastructure label. These all support the development of sustainable infrastructure into a deep and liquid asset class, helping to scale-up private investment in sustainable infrastructure in emerging and developing economies.

The groups are organized as the following:

FAST-Infra Leadership Group

  • Barbara Buchner, CPI
  • Vikram Widge, CPI
  • Towfiqua Hoque, GIF (World Bank)
  • Vivek Pathak, IFC
  • Christian Deseglise, HSBC
  • Michael Ridley, HSBC GAM
  • Robert Youngman, OECD
  • Thierry Deau, Meridiam
  • Rudi Lang, Mazars
  • Robin Grenfell, Macquarie
  • Hayden Morgan, Morgan Green Advisory
  • Fuat Savas, JP Morgan
  • Alexandra Basirov, BNP Paribas
  • Brett Orlando, Net Zero Capital Advisory Ltd
  • Rashad Kaldany, Blue Like an Orange Capital

FAST-Infra timeline and events

June/July/August 2021: FAST-Infra Sustainable Infrastructure Label (SI Label) consultation period.

Q2/Q3 2021: four pilot-phase sustainable infrastructure projects will be selected to serve as proofs of concept.

Past Events

15 September 2021: FAST-Infra Global Conference

12 May 2021: FAST-Infra Project Deliverables Progress Meeting

In April 2021, FAST-Infra held a series of stakeholder forums to gather market input on the
Sustainable Infrastructure Label Framework:

  • 13/15 Apr 2021: Private Sector (Investors & Financiers)
  • 20 Apr 2021: Public Sector/International Organization & Civil Society
  • 21 Apr 2021: MDBs / ECAs
  • 22 Apr 2021: Developers
  • 26 Apr 2021: Consulting Firms, Second Party Opinion Providers, Rating Agencies
  • 27 Apr 2021: Standard-setters

February 2021: All five working groups provided updates on their progress.

February 2021: Tech-Enabled Platform WG status update and 2021 project plan.

January 2021: Sustainable Infrastructure WG status update and 2021 project plan.

November 2020: The working groups provided reports on their progress. Presentation: FAST-Infra Global Conference (12 Nov 2020)

View the entire conference on YouTube:

May 2020: FAST-Infra hosted two global roundtables to present its goals and to invite key stakeholders in the infrastructure ecosystem to join. Close to 100 institutions participated, with most subsequently joining FAST-Infra, including leading global investors, financial intermediaries, development finance institutions, governments, rating agencies and other stakeholders.

Presentation: FAST-Infra Roundtable (31 May 2020)

Learn more

Read the FAST-Infra Overview.

To get involved or learn more, please contact:


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