Brazil finds itself at a crossroads. It must draw on what it has learned from the past to strengthen Amazon conservation today. Starting in 2004, through a combination of technological development and policy innovation, Brazil set up an innovative monitoring system for targeting law enforcement action to fight tropical forest clearing. The present study, conducted by researchers at Climate Policy Initiative/Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (CPI/PUC-Rio), indicates that this system works. Results also suggest that forest protection did not interfere with local agricultural production, and that its expected benefits outweighed the associated policy costs.

Yet, the Brazilian Amazon is currently under threat. This document offers evidence-based policy recommendations to help the country resume effective action against Amazon deforestation through strengthening close collaboration between monitoring and law enforcement capacities.

The Policy Brief is a condensed version of the study for policy makers, available for download on the links to the right.

This work is based on robust research described in an academic paper, also available for download.

Check out the Factsheet “WHY IS PROTECTING THE AMAZON IMPORTANT?” for a broader vision of the importance of combating deforestation in the biome.


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