In Central Kalimantan CPI partners with the Palangkaraya Institute for Land-use and Agricultural Research (PILAR) at the University of Palangkaraya. This fact sheet describes PILAR’s programs.

Palangkaraya Institute for Land and Agricultural Research  is a research foundation that supports local experts, researchers, and students at the University of Palangkaraya to conduct analysis on land use optimization in Central Kalimantan. PILAR has a particular focus on supporting the development of high-productivity, sustainable oil palm, while conserving valuable ecosystems in Central Kalimantan. The results of PILAR analyses are used to develop recommendations for local policymakers and business investors.

In 2015, our analysis will be used to develop a comprehensive jurisdictional model for high-productivity, sustainable palm oil. Implementing this model at a district level enables conversion of land to high value uses, including production and protection of natural capital at scale. The model will identify opportunities for business and smallholders to grow by implementing best practices and increasing productivity, and for government to implement policies and regulatory frameworks that promote efficiency and business competitiveness across a jurisdiction, all while fostering local development and improved management of valuable natural resources.


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