In this webinar, CPI and I4CE identify the changes the Paris Agreement implies for development finance institutions at various levels of their operations – and how they may implement these changes through a targeted set of activities.

CPI recently completed work mandated by the International Development Finance Club (IDFC), which is comprised of 24 national, bilateral, and regional development finance institutions with more than USD 4 trillion in assets under management, around how to implement Paris alignment. This webinar shares findings of this work, and how it can be applied to IDFC members as well as other development finance institutions.

The webinar focuses on the following areas that form the basis of financial alignment with the Paris Agreement:

  • An internal working definition of alignment that can serve as a common basis for implementation throughout the organization, utilizing the three dimensions of alignment developed by I4CE.
  • For publicly mandated development finance institutions, the ability to implement alignment will be greatly facilitated – or constrained – by their country context, both through enabling environments as well as the influence of governments on IDFC members through their Boards.
  • Paris alignment will require executive leadership to influence how investment decisions are made and the modalities to execute them.
  • At the operational level, alignment requires changes in how investments are assessed and how capital is deployed.

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