CPI’s mission is to create economic opportunity while protecting our environment. This worldview—grounding opportunity in something more fundamental that we all share and must protect—permeates our organization, and forms the foundation of our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 

CPI’s approach to DEI mirrors our mission: within a culture that values transparency and dialogue, we strive to improve equity within our organization as well as in the communities in which we work. Internally and externally, we seek to remove inequitable barriers regardless of their origin, whether it be class, race, religion, nationality, region, political affiliation, gender, or physical ability. We are proactive in identifying and removing biases in our processes, seeking fairness in hiring, working conditions, and professional development. 

Challenges occur in a fast-paced environment that crosses multiple cultures. We work through these challenges with open communication, to build an environment of trust.


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