Combining the strengths of three world-leading organizations – Climate Policy Initiative, AECOM, and Pollination – GNIplus provides governments with the best available policy, technical, financial, governance, and legal expertise to support the implementation of their NDCs. GNIplus also supports governments as they work to mobilize private investment and create long-term, sustainable growth and development.

By delivering practical, concrete actions in multiple geographies, GNIplus: reforms legal, policy, financial, institutional, and governance frameworks; stress-tests the designs of infrastructure projects; and develops financial tools and instruments to de-risk investment and mobilize private finance at scale. GNIplusmaximizes impact by building on its partners existing collaborations with governments, multilateral agencies, and private investors to facilitate climate action by enhancing current national strategies and initiatives.

GNIplus in Kenya

GNIplusin Kenya is a three-year program funded by the German International Climate Initiative (IKI). GNIplusworks in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the National Treasury and relevant sectoral ministries and other public and private stakeholders to help the Government of Kenya achieve its NDC goals. GNIplusKenya is also providing support on monitoring, reporting, and verification through a collaboration with Ricardo.

GNIplus provides expert legal, technical, and financial advice to:

  • analyze current and planned policy frameworks to determine the extent to which they accommodate or inhibit climate change action measures in the areas of water and forestry
  • support efforts to access international public finance and attract private investors
  • assess the technical feasibility for pilot projects in the areas of industrial water use and payments for ecosystem services
  • create a cost-effective system for tracking mitigation and adaptation actions and progress towards climate goals

In 2021, GNIplus published the first Landscape of Climate Finance in Kenya, which tracks Kenya’s domestic and international climate finance flows and helps provide clarity to the Government of Kenya on how much more finance is needed to meet their NDC. 

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