The world cannot meet its climate goals without adequate investments in developing economies, including India. Therefore, there is a need to channel global capital from developed to developing economies. Given India’s current scale of emissions and growth trajectory, it may not be possible for the world to meet its climate goals if climate investments are not materialized in India.

In the light of the above, India presents a huge green investment opportunity for global investors across critical sectors such as cleantech, clean energy, clean transportation, electrical vehicles, industrial decarbonization, water, and nature-based solutions. While the high-level numbers on climate investments required in India are well acknowledged, this report is an attempt by Impact Investors Council (IIC) and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), to delve deeper and identify climate-oriented sectors in both mitigation and adaptation which offer potential investment opportunities across green value chains in products, technologies, and services.

With the right set of enabling policies and incentives, these critical climate investment sectors have the potential to scale up significantly. This report endeavors to provide adequate investment information to global strategic and financial investors on the scale of green investment opportunities in India. We hope that this report will pave the path to direct global green capital to India.

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