JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Today, Yayasan CPI Indonesia announced and formally welcomed new members to its Board.  Dr. Amanda Katili Niode and Dr. Inka Yusgiantoro were elected as the Founders, Mardhiah Ridha as the Supervisor, and existing CPI leadership took on formal roles on Yayasan Board, including Tiza Mafira as the Chairperson.

In Indonesia, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) partners with government, business, and civil society to support Indonesia as it reconciles its climate goals and development objectives. CPI’s team in Jakarta has worked closely with the Ministry of Finance and the state-owned company, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur, to seek financing for supporting climate resilient economic growth in Indonesia by designing innovative financing instruments such as the SDG Indonesia One Fund, Environmental Fund and green banking initiatives, as well as with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to support the scaling up of finance for renewable energy and energy efficiency. CPI’s team has also established a track record of advising both regional and national governments on more sustainable oil palm, working in East Kalimantan as well as Central Kalimantan, in partnership with the University of Palangka Raya and the PILAR Foundation.

“Bringing on new Board Members for Yayasan CPI Indonesia will help our team continue to support Indonesia’s green growth goals,” said Dr. Barbara Buchner, Executive Director, Climate Finance, at Climate Policy Initiative. “These experts bring outstanding achievements in their respective fields to provide guidance during our next phase of growth in Indonesia.”

Amanda Katili Niode is the head of Expert Team at The Office of the President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and Chair of the Omar Taraki Niode Foundation. Dr. Niode also served on the National Council on Climate Change, becoming Indonesia’s national focal point in international climate negotiations.

“CPI in Indonesia has been doing an impeccable job of advising the government on climate finance effectiveness and innovation, covering both energy and land use issues” said Amanda Katili Niode. “I look forward to working with the team build on these accomplishments for even greater impact.”

Inka Yusgiantoro is Senior Executive Researcher at Indonesia Financial Services Authority and Head of the Supervisory Board at The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center. Dr. Yusgiantoro is widely recognized as a multidisciplinary scholar focused on economic development and financial policies.

“There is still much work to be done in Indonesia, particularly in financing the economy to reconcile its climate goals and development objectives”, said Inka Yusgiantoro. “I’m very excited to engage in CPI, which plays an excellent role in delivering solution to the government through policy recommendations in accelerating the much needed green investment, particularly in the energy sector.”

Mardhiah Ridha is First Secretary, Trade and Sustainable Development Negotiator at the Directorate of Economic Treaties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. She has also served as Deputy Assistant to the Special Envoy of the President on Maritime Delimitation Affairs and was part of the economic team of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations, WTO and Other International Organizations in Geneva.

“Indonesia is already taking significant steps to achieve its climate goals and development objectives,” said Mardhiah Ridha.  “However, much more needs to be done and rather quickly. I’m delighted to join hands with CPI to help Indonesia get closer to these targets”

“In the past few years, our work in Indonesia has seen tremendous growth and impact”, said Tiza Mafira, Associate Director, Climate Policy Initiative. “We are excited to see Yayasan CPI Indonesia grow even further under the expertise of the Board.”


With deep expertise in finance and policy, CPI is an analysis and advisory organization that works to improve the most important energy and land use practices around the world. Our mission is to help governments, businesses, and financial institutions drive economic growth while addressing climate change. CPI has six offices around the world in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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