Saarthak Khurana is a Manager at CPI’s Delhi office, where his work focuses on techno-economic solutions and policy mechanisms to drive decarbonization. With a strong background and over 10 years of experience in the energy sector, his expertise lies in energy transition, e-mobility, power market reforms, cross-border energy trade, and corporate strategy. Earlier, supported CPI in developing a roadmap to a flexible, low-carbon Indian electricity system.

Prior to CPI, Saarthak worked as a Manager at KPMG where he led projects with multilateral development organizations, leading corporates, public sector enterprises, and departments/ministries of the government. He has also worked in the Strategy and Corporate Planning team at Tata Power on growth planning, strategy development, strategy deployment, and market intelligence.

Saarthak holds a Master’s in Business Administration from NPTI and a Bachelor’s of Technology from Indraprastha University, along with multiple certifications in the fields of Sustainability, Business Excellence, Strategy, and Leadership.


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