Haysam Azhar is an Analyst at CPI’s London office. His work focuses on blended finance, climate risk management, developing impact metrics for adaptation investments, and building tools to track stakeholder interactions and time/budget allocations across CPI. His CPI work also includes helping to develop innovative climate finance instruments as part of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab).

Prior to CPI, Haysam worked at Climate Finance Advisors as an analyst, where he worked with clients such as the International Monetary Fund and UN Secretary General’s Office for Climate Change on issues pertaining to TCFD for Sovereigns, access to climate finance in PICs and LDCs, and early-stage climate tech investing in LAC. He also worked with E Co, a climate finance consulting firm based in London, and was part of Youth Climate Leaders’ inaugural cohort in Paris and Kenya.

Haysam holds a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Society from Minerva University.


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