As part the Production and Protection Approach to Landscape Management (PALM), Climate Policy Initiative’s Indonesia team, in collaboration with University of Palangka Raya and PILAR Foundation, hosted a workshop to share Program Phase-II learnings, achievements, and receive feedback at Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, 22 May 2019.

PALM aims to make a significant contribution to the development and realization of Central Kalimantan’s green growth strategy and CPI supported the province’s transition towards sustainable oil palm production while protecting vital natural landscapes. Building on PALM Phase I results, Phase II mainly focused on four areas; fiscal policy to achieve sustainable land-use, partnership with district governments, public-private-partnership, investment and communities.

Over 30 key stakeholders attended the event, including researchers from the Palangka Raya University, government representatives from the Regional Development Agency of Central Kalimantan Province and the Kotawaringin Timur and Katingan Districts, the Technical Advisor of Governor of Central Kalimantan, and representatives from the PILAR foundation and local NGOs.

Overall, CPI received positive feedback from the stakeholders on the studies conducted so far and are keen on collaborating further with CPI to achieve sustainable land-use in Central Kalimantan. Officials from Kotawaringin Timur Regency Government have promised to develop the results of the studies to implement the suggested recommendations in the region. CPI’s policy recommendations have also been taken into consideration while making regulatory changes.


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