Productive use of renewable energy (PURE) has been as much a catalyst for socio-economic development as an enabler of sustainable living. Besides mitigating carbon emissions, the distributed nature of its energy systems has ensured energy security for grid-unserved areas, supporting livelihoods and effecting positive social outcomes. The sector has also served as a seedbed for promising technological innovations that are a result of technical expertise combining with a passion for social impact.
Nonetheless, PURE enterprises have faced intertwined challenges of scale and finance, especially with their nascent products or solutions pitted against those of established fossil fuel-powered rivals. Furthermore, they have to surmount the heightened risk perceptions of financial institutions
about the sector, owing to unclear proofs-of-concept, technology risk and inadequate market visibility. These enterprises also need to be supported with multiple rounds of financing, along with a responsive policy environment and a facilitative ecosystem, to enable them to
survive initial death valleys and to chart a path of sustained growth.
In order to provide a forum for the clean energy industry, financiers and other stakeholders in India to congregate and solve for access to finance, Climate Policy Initiative as part of India PURE Finance Facility supported by Ikea Foundation is pleased to extend an exclusive invite to you and
your team to the Stakeholders’ Meet on Enabling Capital for Productive Use of Renewable Energy.

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