World Climate Forum 2020: Hedging Risk – The Opportunities of Investing in a Climate Resilient Economy

Hosted by World Climate Forum

Wednesday, 18 November
14:25 GMT

Through integrating climate risks into decision-making and by strengthening sustainable risk
management, investors, insurers, and solution providers can drive the shift towards a more climate resilient economy across societies and industries. What is the economic case for integrating climate into investment portfolios?

CPI Global Managing Director, Dr. Barbara Buchner, will participate in this panel that will look at how to avoid stranded assets and increase green investments, such as natural capital, whilst discussing climate-related physical and transition risks, recognizing best practices spearheading climate resilient economies.

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Green, Smart, and Resilient: The Future of Cities

Hosted by Climate Investment Funds

Thursday, 19 November
13:00 GMT

According to IFC, emerging market cities have the potential to attract more than $29.4 trillion in cumulative climate-related investments by 2030. However, a lack of financial and technical resources, exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, could prevent cities from capturing these opportunities and set a course toward a low-carbon and resilient future. There is currently a window of opportunity to invest in climate-smart cities and avoid carbon and climate-vulnerability lock-in, especially in small to medium size cities in developing countries where urban form and urban infrastructure is expanding and changing rapidly.

CPI Global Managing Director, Dr. Barbara Buchner, will participate in this event that will discuss:

  • What do long-term ambition and key trends look like?
  • What are the 3-5 countries and areas that can have major impact on delivering the ambition?
  • What are the key upstream gaps prohibiting countries in delivering on national/ regional goals?
  • What could be the potential impact (jobs, innovation, investment) on the sector once these gaps have been addressed?

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COP26: The opportunity to change the game for nature-based solutions

Hosted by WWF

Thursday, 19 November

CPI Associate Director, Dr. Angela Falconer, will participate in this WWF event that will focus on the role that nature-based solutions can play for national governments’ action on climate mitigation and adaption in the run-up and at COP26. The discussion will explore the potential of nature based solutions for tackling the climate crisis, and outline what needs to be achieved in the run-up to Glasgow, to support the credible and ambitious scale-up of effective nature based solutions as part of 1.5 degrees, climate-resilient pathways.

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