CPI Executive Director, Barbara Buchner will present our new publication “The Productivity of International Financial Institutions’ Energy Interventions” at the Roundtable Breakfast Discussion, hosted by the United Nations Foundation during the following session:

A Comprehensive Approach to Energy Efficiency: What is it and where is it happening?

April 21, 8:05-8:15

Energy efficiency improvements are among the most effective instruments available to project planners and policymakers around the world to moderate energy demand, reduce costs, lower carbon dioxide emissions and expand the reach and security of regional energy supply.

As significant sources of capital for energy intensive projects in a region where energy consumption is expected to rise steeply, key multilateral development banks (MDBs) are in a truly unique position to champion green growth across the continent.

While specific loans for upgrades and retrofits are vital to improving existing infrastructure, “mainstreaming” energy efficiency offers a more streamlined way to significantly and holistically increase investment in energy efficiency. This off-the-record discussion will explore comprehensive approaches to “mainstreaming” energy efficiency – a more streamlined way that enables MDBs to significantly and holistically increase investment in energy efficiency.


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