9am ET / 3pm CET/ 4pm SAST

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant and sudden deterioration in the financial positions of cities across the world. In response to the pandemic’s economic and fiscal impacts, many DFIs, including MDBs, have accelerated investments and availed of innovative capital-market instruments to support sovereign and sub-sovereign borrowers. As MDBs continue to rely on sovereign guarantees to secure their loans, countries remain the primary counterpart to post-COVID lending operations, however cities are increasingly seen as an important focal point for financing operations and have an opportunity to reframe their investment priorities in a way that aligns with global priorities (e.g., Paris Agreement) to ensure their projects are prioritized.

This virtual panel, framed by research conducted by C40, the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, and FELICTIY-GIZ, will provide an opportunity for direct dialogue between financial institutions and cities on green recovery in the urban context.

Speakers include:

  • Claire Markgraf, Head, C40 Financing Sustainable Cities Initiative (moderator)
  • Maria Camila Uribe, Cities’ Network Coordinator, Inter-American Development Bank (TBC)
  • Amanda Lonsdale, CEO at Magnitude Global Finance; Energy & Finance Consultant, CPI
  • Marcus Mayr, Principal Urban Development Officer, African Development Bank Group
  • Elleanor Robins, Investment Officer, Municipal & Environmental Infrastructure, International Finance Corporation
  • Ping Yean Cheah, Senior Strategy Officer, Sustainable Cities, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

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