CPI’s Chiara Trabacchi will give a presentation on ‘Mobilizing finance for translating adaptation strategies into investments’ in a session on the ‘State of knowledge on the cost and benefits of adaptation and the use in policy’.

This workshop’s primary objective is to provide information for the EC 2017 Adaptation Strategy review, especially on Action 4 building the knowledge base, information on the costs and benefits of adaptation. The workshop will therefore bring together researchers to synthesis relevant information.

The additional objectives are to provide updates on the latest thinking on key research topics that will be of relevant for the Adaptation Strategy review and future policy, including adapting to extremes, economic appraisal of adaptation, macro-economic/public finances and iterative climate risk management.

The output of the workshop will be a synthesis paper and policy brief to input to the 2017 EC review.

The workshop organisation and costs are funded by ECONADAPT (the Economics of Adaptation). The workshop also includes the involvement and linkages with the PACINAS project.


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