Agenda and Presentations

The structure for this workshop was based on a recent survey circulated among policymakers about success factors for retrofit choices.  It was also based on questions that policymakers had raised before academia and consultants.

Welcome and Opening
Session 1:  Policies to encourage households considering possibilities of building energy efficiency upgrades
  • Kaisa Matschoss, National Consumer Research Center (NCRC), Helsinki
  • Bernadett KissInternational Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund
  • Hermann AmeckeClimate Policy Initiative, Berlin
Session 2:  Policies to provide detailed support for building owners to conduct energy efficiency upgrades
  • Marina EconomidouBuildings Performance Institute Europe, Brussels
  • Clemens Rohde, ISI Fraunhofer, Karlsruhe
  • Dirk MobersNorthern Westfalia Energy Agency, Wuppertal (German)
Session 3:  Tools used to support builders and architects in their work on buildings energy efficiency upgrades
  • Aleksandra Novikova, Climate Policy Initiative, Berlin
  • Johannes Meyers, Technical University of Berlin
Session 4:  Combining and linking information policies and programs
  • Moderated Discussion

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