Dr. Barbara Buchner will be speaking on a panel, “Policies and Politics, Probabilities and Possibilities: What issues should we pay attention to, what can we change?” at the Cleantech Forum on January 25, 2017.


The Paris Agreement has been ratified by 117 of the 194 countries, representing 80% of global carbon emissions. One key question around implementation – and the focus of this talk – concerns the availability of the right policies and financial vehicles to unlock the necessary capital flows. Different sources make different estimates on the total capital requirement to implement the targets of the Paris Agreement, but they typically range from $10-15 trillion over 20-30 years.

Where are we on this journey to finance climate technologies’ scale-up? And how does it impact people at this Forum, the builders and enablers of the innovative companies of the future? Named one of the 20 most influential women in climate change, Dr. Barbara Buchner will share her perspectives from her public-private work to solicit, shape, and test cutting-edge climate finance instruments that resolve financing barriers hindering alternative energy, adaptation, and land use projects.
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