Climate Finance Landscapes

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Clear data on climate finance flows at global and national levels is critical to maintaining the momentum of the Paris Agreement. Otherwise, it is difficult to identify gaps, measure progress, and optimize the deployment of public and private resources to make finance consistent with climate goals.

CPI’s Global Landscape of Climate Finance provides the most comprehensive overview of the sources and financial instruments driving investment and how much climate finance is flowing globally and to which sectors. Our robust Landscape methodology has also been applied at the national level, including beginning work with the governments of India, Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, and South Africa to supplement their NDC financing strategies. It has also been used in critical sectors that need more finance, including land use, adaptation, energy access, and renewable energy finance.

Our work, which is overseen by the Climate-aligned Finance Tracking Group, influenced the Paris Agreement, and continues to be used by the UNFCCC and the International Development Finance Club in policy making discussions.

the Climate-aligned Finance Tracking Group

Latest work


A Snapshot of Global Adaptation Investment and Tracking Methods

This brief outlines the current state of global finance for climate adaptation, and includes potential new data sources and recommendations to improve adaptation finance tracking going forward.


IDFC Green Finance Mapping Report 2019

The International Development Finance Club (IDFC) is the leading group of 26 national and regional development banks from all over the world, the majority of which are active in emerging markets. During the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019, IDFC resolved to mobilize significant volumes of financing for meeting climate and development goals.


Measuring the Private Capital Response to Climate Change: A Proposed Dashboard

This brief, which is part of CPI’s work on tracking global climate finance flows, proposes a preliminary methodological approach and analytical framework to measure the nature and speed of shifts in private capital in response to climate change.


The Land-use Finance Tool

The Land-use Finance Tool offers methodological guidelines to countries, jurisdictions and their partners to map public and private investments that support forest and climate objectives, and those which might be driving deforestation.


Understanding and Increasing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries

This report explores the current state of finance for climate adaptation and proposes practical, near term solutions to both fill in knowledge gaps and to increase investment.


Global Landscape of Renewable Energy Finance 2018

The Global Landscape of Renewable Energy 2018 report is a concise, accessible summary of finance flows to renewables around the world. The study examines finance flows worldwide in 2013-2016, broken down by technology, financial instrument, and region.


Guidelines for Building a National Landscape of Climate Finance

We outline the process for developing a national climate finance landscape in four steps. By working through each step, countries will learn key insights to how, when, and from whom finance is flowing towards climate action.


Updated View on the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2019

This update to the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2019 report offers a preliminary estimate for finance in 2019, drawing on data published in 2020.


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