Tatiana C. Alves is a Manager leading development of climate finance instruments within the Brasil Lab. Before joining CPI, Tatiana worked with NGOs, energy companies, and the Brazilian Ministry of Environment as a consultant focusing on developing funding mechanisms and financial tools for environmental projects. She has served as a Project Director at Columbia University’s Center for Environment, Economy and Society, leading the development of a standard for REDD projects in five South American countries, and as a Program Officer at Linden Trust for Conservation, supporting the development of financial tools and market-based mechanisms to address environmental problems. In addition to her significant environmental finance work, Tatiana brings nearly a decade of experience in the more general Brazilian financial sector, including to structure trade finance, in currency exchange, and in hedging related transactions.

Tatiana holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of São Paulo, a Master in Business Economics from the University of São Paulo and a Master of International Affairs focusing on Environmental Policy and Finance from Columbia University´s School of International and Public Affairs.


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