Tatiana Alves manages the Brazilian program of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab), leading efforts to identify, develop and launch innovative finance instruments to address climate and sustainability issues throughout Brazil, as well as building the Brazil Lab’s network of climate finance and sustainability experts across the public, private, development and NGO sectors. In 2021 she was named by Época Negócios as one of the 100 most innovative climate finance professionals in Brazil.

Before joining CPI, Tatiana worked with energy companies, NGOs and the Brazilian Ministry of Environment as a consultant focusing on developing funding mechanisms and financial tools for environmental projects. And before that, while in NY, she was a program officer at Linden Trust for Conservation and a project director at Columbia University’s Center for Environment, Economy and Society where she managed projects and initiatives focusing on market-based approaches, financial tools and standards to address global environmental problems.

In addition to her significant environmental finance work, Tatiana brings nearly a decade of experience in working in the Brazilian financial sector, attending the bank’s corporate clients as a products specialist in structuring trade finance, currency exchange and hedging related transactions.


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