Elysha Davila leads communications for CPI’s climate finance division. Since joining CPI in 2012, she has helped develop and support its programs to make a global impact. This has included building and leading a team across the US, UK, India, and Brazil, as well as directing strategic communications for CPI’s flagship programs. She has been involved with the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) since it was founded in 2014, and has supported the development and growth of the Lab’s emerging business models to mobilize over two billion dollars in sustainable investment. This has included coaching and support for the Lab’s first classes of instruments, including Climate Investor One and TCX,  as well as supporting the strategic build-up of the Lab model in key regions and sectors for climate change. She has also led strategic communications for CPI’s sustainable investment tracking work, including the Global Landscape of Climate Finance, which played a key role in the lead-up to the Paris Climate Accord. In 2019, Elysha led the relaunch of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance at the UNSG’s Climate Action Summit, and has since directed a multi-disciplinary team to create the Green City Finance Directory, the first and only listing of project preparation facilities worldwide.

Elysha joined CPI from Fenton, a global, public interest communications consultancy known for its results-focused campaigns. At Fenton she worked with leading nonprofits and foundations such as the James Irvine Foundation, Alive & Free, the California Wellness Foundation, Year Up, and the American Medical Association Alliance. Prior to Fenton, Elysha worked at the Foundation for Sustainable Development, an international nonprofit, helping to launch its communications and marketing efforts while the organization was in start-up phase. Elysha has a B.S. in Social Policy and Education from Northwestern University.

Elysha works remotely from northern Michigan where she serves on the board for her municpal electric utility, Traverse City Light & Power.


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