Cooper Wetherbee is an Analyst on Climate Policy Initiative’s climate finance team, based in San Francisco. He is currently leading CPI’s collaboration with the Coalition for Urban Transitions to explore climate finance solutions for urban areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cooper’s previous work at CPI has covered both global climate finance tracking and the development of innovative climate finance solutions through the Lab. Most recently, he led the development of A Framework for Tracking Cooling Investment in partnership with SEforALL. He also co-authored the Paris Misaligned series of reports on global power sector investment trends and the 2019 edition of the biannual Global Landscape of Climate Finance report in collaboration with CPI’s London office. Cooper has provided analytical support to GreenStreet Africa, a 2020 Lab instrument focused on sustainable energy access for public health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa, and to the Green Receivables Fund, a 2016-17 Lab instrument that recently closed a $50 million raise to pilot a community solar securitization scheme in Brazil.

Cooper has extensive experience in renewable energy policy, electric utility regulation and business models, financial instruments for energy access, financial modeling, and stakeholder engagement facilitation. Prior to joining CPI, he worked in ICF’s commercial energy consulting practice, specializing in wholesale markets and distributed energy resources. Cooper holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Environmental Sciences from Northwestern University.


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