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As the world responds to food security and climate change, Brazil holds a unique position of strength. Thanks to technological advances in agricultural practices and the recent success in curbing deforestation, land use is shifting towards more sustainable practices. Increasing its agricultural production needs while promoting environmental regularization and the conservation of its natural resources is a challenging agenda that brings huge opportunities to the country and to the productive sectors.

The Land Use Initiative (INPUT – Iniciativa para o Uso da Terra) brings together Agroicone with Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) in Brazil. It counts on a dedicated team of leading economists, lawyers, mathematicians, geographers and agronomists who work at the forefront of how to increase environmental protection and food production.

INPUT engages stakeholders in Brazil’s public and private sectors and maps the challenges for a better management of its natural resources. Also, it mobilizes agents of the productive chains in order to promote compliance with the new Forest Code. In addition, the project aims at analyzing and influencing the creation of a next generation of low-carbon economy policies in Brazil.

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Latest work


Brazil Needs to Monitor its Tropical Regeneration: Remote Monitoring System is Technologically Feasible, but Needs Public Policy Support

This paper offers recommendations on how to move forward in developing remote systems to monitor secondary vegetation.


Protected Territories, though Critical, are not enough to Slow Amazon Deforestation: Brazil Requires Coordinated and Targeted Conservation Policies

Results reinforce the importance of pursuing protection strategies in combination with integrated conservation policy efforts to reduce deforestation throughout the Amazon.


The Impacts of Rural Credit on Agricultural Outcomes and Land Use: An Analysis by Credit Lines, Producer Types and Credit Uses

In this work, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI/PUC-RIO) provides a detailed impact analysis of the Brazilian Rural Credit policy on agricultural production, land use and deforestation.


Brazil Knows What to Do to Fight Deforestation in the Amazon: Monitoring and Law Enforecement Work and Must be Strengthened


Sustainable Infrastructure in the Amazon: Strengthening Socio-Environmental Planning and Design for New Infrastructure Projects in Brazil


The Future of Infrastructure in Brazil under Discussion: an Integrated Vision of Proposed Legislation is Needed to Ensure Progress


Projeto de Lei de conversão da MP 884/2019 inviabiliza a regularização ambiental de propriedades rurais


Pathways for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Brazil: Necessary Investments and Potential Gains of Increasing Efficiency


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