Energy Finance

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Climate Policy Initiative Energy Finance adalah tim multidisiplin dari para ekonom, analis, dan professional di industri keuangan dan energi yang mengembangkan solusi inovatif pembiayaan dan pasar inovatif dan pasar untuk mempercepat transisi energi. Kami bekerja dengan para pembuat kebijakan, investor, dan perusahaan di tiga bidang utama yang bergabung untuk mengurangi hambatan transisi iklim, mengurangi biaya dan mempercepat investasi baru.

Pekerjaan terbaru


Understanding the impact of a low carbon transition on South Africa

In South Africa, Climate Policy Initiative Energy Finance examined the risks to the central government, municipalities, companies and financial institutions and found that the transition to a low carbon economy would cost its economy $124bn. In this report, we not only diagnose the challenges for an economy and society that relies on coal exports, we also make a series of recommendations on the policy steps South Africa can take to mitigate climate risks and maximise the potential upside of the transition. This report is the first to be published from CPI EF’s sovereign risk programme.


Developing a roadmap to a flexible, low-carbon Indian electricity system

Without policy intervention and new market design, India’s clean electricity future may struggle to achieve its potential.


Markets for low carbon, low cost electricity systems (working paper)


Financing clean power: a risk-based approach to choosing ownership models and policy & finance instruments


Clean Energy Investment Trust: financial innovation for pension funds & insurers


Overcoming barriers to institutional investments in renewables


Flexibility — the workhorse of the global energy transition


Flexibility: the path to low-carbon, low-cost electricity grids


David Nelson

Executive Director, Energy Finance

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Chairman of the Board and Senior Strategic Advisor

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Principal, Energy Finance


Principal, Energy Finance

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Consultant, Energy Finance

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Consultant, Energy Finance

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Analyst, Energy Finance

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Senior Analyst, Energy Finance

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Analyst, Energy Finance

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Analyst, Energy Finance

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Head of Communications, Energy Finance

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Operations Manager, Energy Finance